A 5-week program focused on the “Law of Attraction” in connection with manifesting financial abundance, money, prosperity, and success. 

What to expect:

  • Meditation & Visualization
  • LOA & Abundance Coaching
  • Writing Exercises
  • Group EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Discussion & Sharing
  • A dedicated group for support, accountability and progress reports throughout the 5 weeks

You will learn to:

  • Understand and transform your relationship with money, your work, your career, prosperity and success
  • Get crystal clear about your abundance and success goals
  • Identify and clear any blocks, fears or limiting beliefs around abundance that are holding you back
  • Shift your feelings/beliefs about money and success from worry, fear or concern to trust, confidence and fun
  • Actively work on a positive mindset and expand your level of consciousness in order to allow more money and the energy of abundance to flow into your life
  • Align your energy with success so you can attract, keep and grow financial abundance
  • Attract more clients and grow your business to the next level
  • Elevate your financial life to a higher, more evolved vibration

Create a constant more positive outlook on life.

Below is just a taster of what the LOA Abundance Program is about and how it can benefit and enhance your life…… 

What is abundance and how do you create it?

We all know, when we improve our abundance, everything else in our life improves. Abundance helps our relationships, our mental & emotional well-being, our ability to invest in our health, in education, in personal & spiritual growth etc. Once you have abundance, everything else comes together.

But manifesting financial abundance isn’t always a result of our education, training, looks, brains or degrees. Because in any field, you have successful and unsuccessful people. Whether you’re a plumber, a teacher, an actor, or an entrepreneur. 

So how can you actively create abundance and success in your life? 

Your ability to manifest abundance depends on your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, judgments, and emotions you hold about money, wealth, prosperity, and success. Money is just an effect. It is only a physical manifestation of the energy of abundance. 

So what is your current relationship with money, your career, success? 

  • do these topics bring up feelings of stress, worry, fear, frustration
  • or feelings of ease, confidence, fun, freedom?

And what are your current beliefs around money and success?

  • “money is hard to come by”, “hard work equals success”, “I can’t afford things”, “I don’t have what it takes to be successful”, “money isn’t spiritual”?
  • or ”money is easy to get “, “my journey towards success is joyful”, “money is a safe and good thing to have”, “abundance and thriving are my natural state”, “money is an energy I can use for good”? 

And are you predominantly focused on the lack of money or success in your life … or on the abundance of it? 

Abundance is all around us: in the beauty of nature, in happy relationships, in thriving businesses… If you’re not experiencing it, if you don’t feel it, it’s because you have blocks, limitations or resistant energies that are holding you back and keeping you from living your full potential.

By releasing these blocks and adjusting your mindset, a life of abundance, money, wealth, prosperity, and success is something we can all achieve.

You are abundant by nature. 

And only YOU define who you are, who you want to be, what you want, what you deserve, and what’s possible in your life. 



5 Weeks Group
Abundance Program



5 Weeks 1 to 1
Abundance Program



5 Weeks 1 to 2
Abundance Program


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My Happy Clients!

“I went to Gabrielle’s 5-week ‘Law of Attraction Abundance’ Program. It really helped me set a new mind-set for myself and push me in the right direction. It opened my eyes so positively. I found that ‘Law of Attraction’ is so much more than a tool which you can use to “get what you want”, but it’s more so a whole new way of being, thinking and doing – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s made me grow as a human being… and is now an implemented, every day practice that I wouldn’t be without.”

Sara Tholander

“Wow! I’ve been to many psychic readers over the years, today blew me away. Felt an instant warmth to Gabrielle. She was extremely accurate with everything and her medium skills were also really good. I’ve booked another session already. Thank you so much, you were incredible.”

Daniella Dumont

“There is nothing so freeing as clarity, and I can’t remember having as much of that as now, after a coaching session with Gabrielle. Rather than being stuck inside unfulfilled potential, I can see what’s on offer and how to grab it. Excellent, invaluable wisdom.”

Dawson James

“I’m realizing more and more what makes me happy and the importance of living life on one’s own terms and all my blessings in my life. In addition to all the perspective you’ve helped me achieve, your wonderful guidance and wisdom have given me insight and clarity into what I want and deserve for the future. You are a blessing and really changed a lot in my life with your wisdom! Thank you so much!”


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