EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique


EFT / Tapping

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as “Tapping”, is an alternative therapy method that blends ancient Chinese healing traditions with modern positive psychology.

Grounded in principles of acupressure, the theory is that we have energy meridians in our body. These can store negative emotions and subconscious fears that create energetic blocks that can cause distress, disharmony and imbalance in our energy system.

By lightly tapping on “meridian endpoints”, whilst accessing the subconscious mind, we allow negative emotions to be released and are able to remove blocks from our system, so that emotional balance is restored.

EFT works on 2 levels:

  • Emotional – It clears and releases unresolved, negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, guilt, grief, sadness, powerlessness, fears that we pick up throughout our life and that may create emotional and energetic blocks.
  • Subconscious beliefs – It also works on subconscious thought processes and “reframes” or reprograms negative, limiting beliefs. Examples of limiting beliefs that run our lives subconsciously are: “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy”, “Money is bad” and other habits and fears.

Both negative emotions and beliefs are picked up either through past traumatic events, continued stressful situations, or are simply learnt behaviour passed on and inherited from family and social conditioning (negative habits).

EFT can help clear blocks related to a wide range of issues:

  • feeling stuck or being unable to move on from the past
  • anxiety, worrying, irritability
  • mental or emotional stress
  • fears (fear of failure, fear of rejection etc)
  • procrastination
  • lack of confidence and self esteem
  • fear of speaking up in front of others
  • self sabotaging behaviour
  • emotional family issues
  • unwanted, repetitive patterns (in relationships, work place etc)
  • relationship blocks (romantic and other)
  • blocks in finances and abundance

By identifying and clearing these old emotions and reframing negative beliefs into positive ones through EFT, our energy can flow freely again, we can let go of the past, and move on towards more health, harmony, balance, joy, happiness, abundance in our lives and fulfilling our true potential.

“One cannot create a new future while holding on to the emotions and beliefs of the past”

EFT is also commonly used in connection with the “Law Of Attraction”, to clear any form of resistant energy that can get in the way of manifesting our desires.

According to the “Law Of Attraction”, our current reality/life experience acts like a mirror – it is a reflection of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions we hold. So in order to affect positive changes in the outside world, we must first make the mental, emotional and vibrational changes within. 

“Take control of your life and prevent outside influences from determining how you feel”

 Benefits of EFT:


  • better health and well-being
  • increased ability to deal with stress
  • being less affected by the outside world
  • learning to master mind-set and emotions
  • more confidence
  • healthier, more positive self image
  • healthier, more harmonious relationships
  • attract wealth, happiness, love, positivity and abundance into your life
  • increased energy
  • mental calm and clarity
  • better focus and enhanced performance levels
  • implement positive goals
  • better emotional health and stability
  • more positive outlook on life
  • unconditional and lasting happiness


Gabrielle has a unique adaptation of EFT, whereby she infuses her therapy work with her intuitive and spiritual gifts. This spiritually-centred approach allows her to use inspiration and insights to reach the core issues that are causing you distress – and simply “tap them away!” Therefore supporting your holistic mind-body-spirit healing and transformation.



60-min Session

EFT / Tapping


90-min Session

EFT / Tapping



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My Happy Clients!

“I went to Gabrielle’s 5-week ‘Law of Attraction Abundance’ Program. It really helped me set a new mind-set for myself and push me in the right direction. It opened my eyes so positively. I found that ‘Law of Attraction’ is so much more than a tool which you can use to “get what you want”, but it’s more so a whole new way of being, thinking and doing – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s made me grow as a human being… and is now an implemented, every day practice that I wouldn’t be without.”

Sara Tholander

“Wow! I’ve been to many psychic readers over the years, today blew me away. Felt an instant warmth to Gabrielle. She was extremely accurate with everything and her medium skills were also really good. I’ve booked another session already. Thank you so much, you were incredible.”

Daniella Dumont

“There is nothing so freeing as clarity, and I can’t remember having as much of that as now, after a coaching session with Gabrielle. Rather than being stuck inside unfulfilled potential, I can see what’s on offer and how to grab it. Excellent, invaluable wisdom.”

Dawson James

“I’m realizing more and more what makes me happy and the importance of living life on one’s own terms and all my blessings in my life. In addition to all the perspective you’ve helped me achieve, your wonderful guidance and wisdom have given me insight and clarity into what I want and deserve for the future. You are a blessing and really changed a lot in my life with your wisdom! Thank you so much!”


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